Children and the bad habit of picking the nose

Children and the bad habit of picking the nose

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The other day I saw a mother speak in a report and, next to her was her little one, oblivious to the interview, trying to get a sticky runny nose out.

His little finger was chubbier than his nostril and the task was a real challenge for him. Holding back a smile (or laugh) when we observe a 1 or 2-year-old boy stick his finger up his nose is inevitable, but as the child grows older, this gesture seems increasingly socially unacceptable.

Admittedly, the index finger is more versatile than a Swiss army knife. Its inexhaustible utility includes making the clamp with the thumb, serving as a universal pointer, pressing buttons (including computer keys), taking off objects, removing plugs or, in combination with the nail, reaching the most recondite place of our body for a brief but intense scratching. It is normal for our little ones to use it to "free" their noses from the annoying snot.

This simple act, which provokes the hilarity or disgust of those who witness it, gives us cause when we see it in our children to teach them two important things:

1-The hygiene of the nose. Through it the air we breathe enters, is filtered, heated and goes to the lungs. It is important to breathe through the nose, so teaching our children to blow their snot is not a negligible task. How many colds in the nose lead to stomach or lung problems from constant ingestion of mucus or from breathing through the mouth!

When there are snot, washing the nose is essential and recommended, especially before meals. If they still do not know how to blow their nose, we can clean their nostrils with saline solution and a nasal aspirator, or if they are thicker, with a pressed cotton swab soaked in water.

2- The acquisition of social behaviors. No one can avoid having snot, wind, or itching, or feeling the irrepressible urge to cough or sneeze. So learning to do it in a discreet way allows us to function in society avoiding immediate rejection from those around us, unless we are 2 years old; then everything is forgiven us ...

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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