How to draw a drawing of a squirrel step by step

How to draw a drawing of a squirrel step by step

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With these simple stepsGuiainfantil You will learn to draw a squirrel and then show it to your children. In this way, the little ones in the house will have fun during their free time and will learn to draw the forest animals.

Draw the forest animals and show them to your children so that together you can paint, color and cut them out to decorate the room. With this collection of animals your child can turn his room into a real forest.

1. Take a black marker and draw the squirrel's head and ears on a piece of cardboard.

2. Now paint the face and draw the body of the squirrel.

3. Draw the four legs of the squirrel and make a circle on the body to differentiate the tummy.

4. Finally, draw a long tail and color the squirrel as you like.

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