Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter I

Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter I

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The arrival of the baby is an event, but also a lot of decisions to make. Naming the baby may be influenced by the family tradition, by literature, by popular characters or by the fashions of the moment.

To help you choose your baby's name we have arranged popular girl names according to their starting letter. This time around, we have a list of 10 girl names by the letter I where you will surely find the best name for your girl.

1. Irene. It is a name of Greek origin with one of the most beautiful meanings, "peace". It is a classic and traditional name with enough personality to remain current despite its use. Without a doubt, one of the most attractive names for your girl.

2. Ines. The name has a Greek origin and a meaning of purity that is ideal for your girl. It enjoys the beauty of simple and forceful names and its popularity remains unchanged despite its long tradition.

3. Isabel. This name is of Hebrew origin and its meaning speaks of divine promises. It arrives surrounded by an aura of beauty and delicacy that time has not been able to tarnish. And we are facing a name that is always current.

4. I would go. It is a name with a possible Celtic origin, although there is no agreement on its origin and meaning. What there is agreement on is that it is an enigmatic name that enjoys great popularity for that delicate and charismatic touch it brings.

5. Irati. The name is of Basque origin and has a meaning related to nature and forests. We are facing a name with personality capable of crossing local borders and becoming one of the most loved names by girls.

6. Iris. This name has a Greek origin and has been passed down to us thanks to mythology. The messenger of the gods is able to unite heaven and earth through an arc of colors, the rainbow. With this endorsement, we are sure that we are facing the perfect name for your girl.

7. Ingrid. It is a name that has a Scandinavian origin and a meaning that speaks of beauty, which is very appropriate for your girl. Although it is a traditional name, it has never been very frequent so it has been able to preserve its freshness and a very original touch.

8. Ivana. The name has a Russian origin and is the much less known feminine variant of Ivan. That it has not been a widely used name does not mean that it is not very popular and admired, since it retains a touch of magic and exoticism without falling into eccentricity.

9. Ida. It is a name of Germanic origin directly linked to mythology, because with this name the famous Valkyries who accompanied the god Odin were known. It is a strong and forceful name that is gaining popularity.

10. Irma. This name has a Germanic origin and its meaning shows the strength and courage that will accompany your girl forever. It is a traditional name that is very familiar to us, with a special force that time has not been able to tarnish.

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