Family photos: a real treasure!

Family photos: a real treasure!

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The photographs and video recordings are a real treasure for our trunk of memories. If they are also photographs or videos with your children, having a great time is guaranteed. The photos, later, will be a good tool for children to see what they were like when they were little. The photos make you relive the moments you live with your children.

I am convinced that you have countless photographs of your son in all kinds of family events. It seems that, along with paternal instinct, we develop a crazy desire to immortalize scenes of unforgettable and joyful moments that we spend with our children. There are dads who go completely crazy and are able to take 600 photos or more in a 3-day trip. The digital (video) camera becomes an indispensable tool during the trip, as an appendage of the hand or neck.

When I am somewhat down, one of my favorite therapies is to turn the pages of photographic albums (I still like printed photographs) or to see the recordings of my little ones. How fast children change, they grow at full speed! We are not normally aware of it, but with just a glance back a few months we can easily tell. I like all the stages of my children, I learn from all of them and I try to enjoy, that is why I love being able to relive small scenes of their tender age that I had already forgotten.

And I'm not the only one who likes it! When I start to look through the photographic albums or archives, companions rain on me; one by one, dad and children join me. For children it is a special moment, they love to see themselves when they were younger and they really enjoy the explanations that their parents give them about how they were or what was happening at that time or at that moment in their short lives. They enjoy imagining themselves as little ones, seeing themselves in the videos talking like smurfs, doing some funny or simply observing the little face they had.

Sometimes, innocently, they make funny comments like: 'Dad, how strange you are there with hair on your head!' These are extraordinary moments to remember episodes, 'delayed', of our life. Let's also remember to enjoy, 'live', the delights of our family history, ... And let's continue taking photos and videos for posterity.

Patro Gabaldon

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