Choreographer baby is copied and imitated by dancers

Choreographer baby is copied and imitated by dancers

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We have always said that what children see, they tend to imitate. Babies are great imitators of their parents and everything they see. However it is not always so. An example of this is a funny video made during contemporary dance rehearsals at a dance academy in New York, in which Ivo, son of choreographer Alexandra Beller, started dancing and the dancers decided to play to imitate all his movements. Surely the dancers were exhausted ...

Ivo is the world's smallest choreographer. At just 14 months old, he accompanies his mother to work and shows that he also likes to dance. The dancers who met the little one were carried away by his steps and the result was a most tender, funny and fun experience. Despite the diapers, Ivo does not disappoint, he becomes a source of inspiration for everyone. Are you aiming to imitate him?

In an age when hiring a personal trainer or going to the gym isn't always possible, it wouldn't hurt for parents to mimic their baby's movements. They were sure to get strong and lose a lot of calories. How about? The baby will be a very fun and original experience.

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