Tablets for babies, yes or no?

Tablets for babies, yes or no?

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Whenever I leave the tablet to my son, I remember the same scene: during a vacation, some parents came down every morning to have breakfast at the hotel where they were staying, with a tablet under their arms. They carefully chose the table, seated their two-year-old son and placed the tablet in a visible place. Then the ritual began, always the same: the child did not take his eyes off the tablet. I couldn't stop looking at the drawings. And he ate, yes. And parents too. No screams or protests from the little one. And every time I remember that scene, I feel remorse and yes, some fear. Will I do well to leave you the tablet?How long can I leave it to him? Will it be bad?

Today the tablet is almost like a member of the family, right? Babies learn to use new technologies as easily as they learn to walk, talk, and eat. But they learn because we teach them. And in the same way that we teach them to develop their skills, we should also teach them that there are limits. And where do I put the limit? Just at the moment when play turns into dependency, and learning turns into abstraction.

Experts warn about the excessive use of tablets in babies. It can generate attention deficit, impaired language development, and loss of interest in interacting with others. The dependence on the tablet can get children with little self-control, little communicative and with little interest in developing creativity.

So be careful. Tablets yes, but in the right measure. They can be used, like everything else, responsibly. To read, tell them a story, play a bit. But without missing everything else: games with parents, with siblings, with grandparents. Play with him to dance, sing, cuckoo, to play with his traditional toys. Don't miss that first stage of the baby, which flies by. You will have time, and a lot, to play with tablets.

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