Bedwetting and anxiety in children

Bedwetting and anxiety in children

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Anxiety so much can be a cause as a consequence of enuresis. The anxiety that some children experience, whether due to adaptation problems, changes of residence or school, due to the divorce of the parents or some type of family dysfunction, can lead the child to enuresis. Anxiety is among the most common causes of this disorder that currently affects thousands and thousands of children.

It is very important that children live in an environment where feel considered and understood. That they have parents who encourage them, educate them, and understand them. If the child lives in an environment of abuse, humiliation and constant punishment by his parents, he will possibly experience a picture of anxiety that can alter his nervous system and his sphincters, causing him to lose control of his urine, and wet the bed, night after night.

On the other hand, when your child is constantly wetting the bed, he will surely feel embarrassed and self-conscious about what he does, involuntarily, over and over again. A child with enuresis cannot control his pee at night and this can create a climate of great unease in the family and at home. If, in addition to that, the child is the center of fights, mistreatment, retaliation, and humiliation by their parents, it will be even worse. For fear of wetting the bed the child may experience a picture of anxiety which can further alter your nervous system, and consequently, worsen your problem of not being able to control your bowel movements.

In this case, the best thing parents can do is inform yourself and seek medical help. A specialist will teach them some strategies to help the child to stop wetting the bed at night and, at the same time, will determine the most appropriate treatment to combat the child's enuresis. While the child follows the treatment determined by the specialist, it is very important that parents maintain a posture of calm, respect, positivity and encouragement towards their child. They must show him and make him believe that it is something that they can work out together.

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