How we should take care of the episiotomy

How we should take care of the episiotomy

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Episiotomy It is a cut that the gynecologist makes in the perineum area of the woman at the time of delivery. The objective is to facilitate the passage of the baby through the vagina and should be done only if necessary. As it is a small surgical intervention, the gynecologist will sew the wound with stitches that the woman must take care of in the following days. But how should they be cared for?

The gynecologist Rita Salvador, from Cummater, gives us some tips to take care of the episiotomy wound at home and thus avoid problems in the medium and long term.

The episiotomy generates a series of discomforts, since it causes pain, burning and itching. Many women find it difficult to sit down. This is normal, since the episiotomy is still a wound that must be cleaned and cared for to prevent infection. But how do we clean the wound? The matron Rita Salvador answer this question:

'An episiotomy or a tear, the care would be washed with soap and water, daily, and in case that woman has stitches on the outside, it would be recommended, after going to the bathroom to do the belly, that she wash herself additionally . Normally, if it is not a very serious incision or wound, it does not require more than this type of care. '

Despite the care, episiotomy can present a number of complications. The main one is pain, although other types of long-term discomfort can also occur:

'The most frequent complications of episiotomy above all is pain, immediately. And in the medium or long term, some women report discomfort when initiating sexual intercourse or, for example, that there is scar tissue that will make it difficult for us, for example, sexual relations or future births. '

As long as there are stitches, initial pain may last for about ten days. Once the stitches have been reabsorbed, the woman will progressively notice more improvement. But, can you do something to avoid these annoyances ?:

'When it comes to avoiding problems in the medium and long term, the recommendations would be that once the woman stops staining, and the postpartum phase has passed, it is recommended to try to lubricate the area well when we start having sex. Even the use of healing products, such as almond oil or rosehip oil in massages to improve the elasticity of tissue that has been damaged during childbirth '

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