Hearing-impaired babies hear for the first time

Hearing-impaired babies hear for the first time

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I remember, as if it were yesterday, the first time I saw a video of an eight-month-old baby who, after a bilateral cochlear implant, heard his mother's voice for the first time. An exciting and tender moment, which I will never forget. More than exciting, it was shocking to see how a baby, at eight months of age, expressed surprise when listening to his mother. The pacifier dropped, a smile opened up, and the joy almost did not fit in her precious little face.

Well, now there are a lot of videos of babies who, thanks to an implant or a device, hear for the first time the voice of their mother, father or doctor, which not only excites how you make yourself become a witness of a sublime moment and unforgettable.

I think the first video of a baby who, thanks to an implant, device or device, has been able to hear for the first time, was that of Jonathan, the baby who was born deaf, and who was able to hear his mother's voice for the first time time, thanks to a bilateral cochlear implant. Surely, like me, you are wondering: And what is this cochlear implant? Well, it is an operation during which a device is implanted in the baby's inner ear, which enables the acoustic signals from the outside to be transformed into electrical signals that stimulate the auditory nerve until they reach the brain. This type of implant has become a key intervention in recent years, as many babies are born with profound or severe deafness each year.

This video that I show you below, was recorded by Lachlan Lever's parents, when the little one was only seven weeks old. Lachlan was born with a hearing problem that prevented him from hearing, a disability that doctors detected during mandatory exams for newborns in Australia. Thanks to the implantation of a hearing aid, Lachlan could hear for the first time. His parents, Toby and Michelle, recorded the moment in this beautiful and emotional video that has gone viral on the Internet. Look at the reaction that the little one has:

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Video: Saiges story: Cochlear implants help child hear for the first time (July 2022).


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