Plasticine mule. Homemade Christmas nativity scene for children

Plasticine mule. Homemade Christmas nativity scene for children

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Among the figures of the Christmas nativity scene The mule and the ox are never lacking, which accompanied the Child Jesus at his birth. Therefore, if you plan to make a homemade Nativity craft for these holidays, you cannot miss this figure.

In We want to share this simple tutorial to make step by step a mule figure of clay to decorate the Christmas nativity scene. It is a very easy and creative activity for children to have fun during the holidays.

  • Gray or brown modeling clay
  • Pink plasticine
  • White plasticine
  • Black plasticine

1. For the body of the mule, make a gray or brown ball and shape it slightly elongated.

2. Make another smaller ball and flatten it slightly to make the head, glue it to the body. For the tail, put a strip on the part opposite the head.

3. Make two triangles of gray clay for the ears, place them on the head.

4. For the face, make two white circles with two smaller black balls in the center. The mule's nose will be a pink ball.

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