Changes in the orthodontic routine during pregnancy

Changes in the orthodontic routine during pregnancy

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If you started orthodontic treatment and you became pregnant, you should know that it is not contraindicated, but you should notify the dentist to stop performing any X-rays and also make a series of changes in each of the visits.

Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment is long, and visits must now be adapted to the evolution of the pregnancy and the probable date of delivery.

The orthodontist, once you communicate the pregnancy, will make a series of changes:

- You will schedule your monthly visits based on your due date. So if you are performing a treatment with conventional techniques with multibrackets appliances (the little squares attached to the teeth) I try not to place attachments that can puncture or bother more on the dates close to the time of delivery. Also, on some occasions the delivery date is delayed or advanced and the new mother cannot attend the consultation when she was scheduled ... because she only has eyes and time for the newcomer.

If you are performing a treatment with invisible techniques such as Invisalign, which is becoming more and more frequent due to all its benefits and excellent results, in this case it is much easier to organize the treatment periods because we can deliver more aligners in anticipation of a delay in monthly check-ups. . This technique allows us to advance the treatment even without going to the consultation.

- We will not lay the pregnant patient on the chair so much to avoid uncomfortable positions for the baby.

- By increasing the inflammation of the gums due to the hormonal change that occurs during pregnancy, it is necessary to take extreme measures of oral hygiene and sometimes perform several professional dental cleanings during pregnancy. Or even use a rinse with chlorhexidine to improve gingival condition and reduce inflammation.

- The tendency to develop cavities is also greater, so it is also essential to improve oral hygiene. If during the orthodontic treatment hygiene is not adequate, white spots may appear around the braces that are the beginning of cavities and that can only be removed by filling the area. Avoiding these decalcifications and improving oral hygiene is also easier with practically invisible removable techniques such as Invisalign, since they allow the pregnant patient to remove the aligners to perform hygiene techniques more thoroughly.

- Remove appliances that can become loose during labor. Few gynecologists request the removal of appliances completely, but it is true that if the patient wears any device on the palate, I usually remove it if possible to avoid the risk of aspiration in case of intubation of the mother during childbirth.

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