Reporting abuse also protects children

Reporting abuse also protects children

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Schools and schools should act as heart rate monitors for the situation of family abuse through the testimony of children and the exposition of the facts that they are living at home. In this way, it would be possible to alert the institutions, police and judicial system to stop gender violence at the time in which it is occurring and reduce the number of fatalities.

This is precisely the key idea for the future against gender violence: report among all. It is intended to raise awareness among all those around abused women, relatives, neighbors, friends and children so that they also report it.

In most cases, they are so psychologically subjected to the dominance of their abuser that they are unable to report their situation and, therefore, they must receive help from outside. Because terror and the loss of self-esteem not only affect them, but also their children.

However, eradicating the problem requires an education directed from infancy towards the values ​​of gender equality and the school has much to say in this regard. These messages would not only help to train adults respectful of the other, but would also set off alarms in the conscience of children who are living a situation of family abuse at home.

Some children come to accept abuse as part of their daily life, because they have not experienced anything else, but at school they open their eyesDiscussing the issue with your teacher could be the first step for society to act against the abuser. It is necessary to demand justice and protection for women victims of gender violence, and also demand ZERO TOLERANCE of society in the face of this problem.

The firm commitment, assumed by the whole of society, has been made manifest with the successive legal reforms and the Penal Code to toughen penalties. Currently, the concept of gender violence is broad and it includes not only the violence suffered by women, but also includes their sons and daughters and other people dependent on women.

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