Legal rules of adoption in Spain

Legal rules of adoption in Spain

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If you are thinking of adopting a baby, it is because you are very determined to be a mother. Surely you have already considered the thousand possibilities you have to start a family and adoption has been the most appropriate option for you. Now is the time to learn about the legal steps you must take to make the adoption.

The legal requirements for adopting a baby vary from country to country. In SpainThere are also no identical rules for the entire territory, since adoption is the responsibility of the Autonomous Communities. However, there are some general requirements that you must meet to adopt your baby.

Adopting a baby in Spain is a long process which can last about 6 years. If adoption is so complicated, it is precisely to protect the minor, ensuring that the adopting family meets all the conditions to guarantee the baby a happy childhood. The first step to adopt is to go to the Service for the Protection of Minors of the Autonomous Community.

To apply for adoption, you must submit documents such as the DNI, the certificate of marriage or coexistence, the declaration of Personal income tax, a medical certificate and even a certificate of criminal record. All this will be evaluated by a Commission for the Guardianship of the Minor. In the event that the adoption is to be international, that is, the adopted baby is from another country, these bureaucratic procedures are multiplied, but the waiting time is shorter.

The legal requirements to adopt a baby in Spain include that one of the adopters is over 25 years old and have at least 14 more years than the adopted child. Along the same lines, an age limit for adoption is established, the maximum age difference between the baby and the parents being around 40 or 45 years old depending on the Autonomous Community where they reside.

As for which babies can be adopted in Spain, the law establishes some rules such as, for example, that their biological parents have been deprived of parental authority by a judge. Babies who have unknown parentage or have been abandoned can also be adopted. And in the case of newborn babies, it should wait 30 days in case a family member claims your guardianship.

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