Less rush and more quality when it comes to eating with children

Less rush and more quality when it comes to eating with children

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In this life in which many fathers and mothers go a thousand an hour and have little or less time than our mothers and grandmothers had to cook, it is easy to tend to easy solutions. The frozen, precooked or meals commonly called garbage have filled our plates and those of our children on many occasions.

My nephew knows all the hamburger variants of a well-known chain, and that is something that neither his father nor I have experienced. In my house, everything was consumed fresh and I do not remember going to this type of restaurant other than at birthday parties.

We have changed the habits in child nutrition And despite the fact that parents are aware of the importance of food for children, ordering a pizza is many times easier than starting to cook when you get home exhausted from work. We do not want our children to be obese or have deficiencies in food, but the reality is that the rate of childhood obesity is beginning to be worrying.

In my case, I have a solution that gets me out of more than one hurry: my mother-in-law and my mother's tuppers. Both usually call me with excuses such as: 'I have made more lentils than necessary, I put aside a few that make me sick' or 'I'm going to prepare a meat stew, I prepare for you'. And it doesn't occur to me to protest, because if I try to tell them that I have food to spare, they resort to the easy resource of emotional blackmail: it is for children, prepared especially for them because they love grandmothers' meals.

And, it is true that without them many times at home certain types of more elaborate stews or meals, at least daily. Therefore, a great help are grandparents. Apart from the whims they give to the grandchildren and who often spoil them, I can see an extreme concern for their well-being, careful attention to them and extreme vigilance in the children's diet. I have even had to endure some scolding from my mother because at home there is not always a first course, second course and dessert, but a unique dish. Leaning on grandparents, without overloading them, can be a great source of help with children.

Another thing we can do so that our children understand the importance of food is:
- Involve them in preparing the menus
- Let them participate in the purchase while you explain the different types of food
- Recover food as a family.
Sitting down all over the table can be a perfect ending after you've done the shopping together and cooked together, even if only once a week. If parents pay a little more attention, we can improve the current child nutrition guidelines.

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