If you want to be a dad, eat healthy

If you want to be a dad, eat healthy

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When I had my first child, I will never forget the face of my father-in-law when my husband told him about his experience in the delivery room. She explained that she had lived through the delivery with me, she had encouraged me and given me strength throughout the process, that she had seen her baby being born at the same time as me, that she had been moved when she burst into tears ...

And it is that years ago, fatherhood for a man began when saw your baby for the first time, after having spent several nervous hours waiting in a corridor, and held him in his arms to lull him while he looked impressed at the new life that he had helped to create with his partner.

Decades later, his mission as a father has been advanced a few months and he has been counted on to participate with your partner During the entire process of pregnancy and her attendance at the birth, it has been considered important to accompany and emotionally support the future mother during her labor. Now, scientists have discovered that men also have to take care of themselves before conception as we already do. Life habits can be closely related to semen quality, as revealed by a study carried out by researchers at the University of Murcia (UMU), who have discovered that the quality of semen depends on the amount of antioxidants present in the diet of future dads.

The consumption of foods such as citrus fruits, peppers or spinach and, in general, fruits and vegetables, lowers the oxidative level involved in the seminal quality and improves both the concentration parameters and the mobility and morphology of the sperm. So if you want to prevent fertility problems, eat healthy. According to the study, men who eat a lot of meat and fatty dairy have lower seminal quality.

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