Homemade Olaf Costume with Kids T-shirt

Homemade Olaf Costume with Kids T-shirt

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If you are thinking of making a homemade costume for your children, we have a proposal that they will love: A costume of Olaf! We all know that this cute and cute character from the movie Frozen, they drive children crazy, and no wonder.

This outgoing and cheerful snowman can be a good option to disguise the little ones both in Carnival parties, as in Birthday parties or other celebration. offers us the step by step of this craft, both in photos and in video. An easy homemade costume that requires very simple materials such as a t-shirt and some pieces of felt. Do not miss it!!

  • 1 white t-shirt
  • Pieces of black felt
  • Pieces of red felt
  • Pieces of white felt
  • Pieces of orange felt
  • White glue (you can add a little water to clarify it)
  • Printable pattern

1. Print Olaf's templates, HERE, and cut out each piece: eyes, mouth, nose ...

2. Using scissors, position each piece on the felt and cut it out.

3. Once all the pieces have been cut, it is time to mount them on the shirt, either with glue, with double-sided tape or by sewing.

4. And here we have our Olaf, ready for you to dress up your son.



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