Boat made with cardboard. Crafts for kids

Boat made with cardboard. Crafts for kids

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If you want a homemade toy for your children, take advantage of this simple children's craft of a cardboard boat. It is also a recycling craft as it is made with rolls of toilet paper, an egg cup and bottles of yogurt or juice.

With this children's craft, the little ones can create their own toys or decorate their room. They can also learn the value of recycling items while developing creativity.

  • 1 box of eggs (a dozen)
  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • 2 plastic bottles (small)
  • Tempera painting
  • Brushes
  • Glue
  • Cotton
  • Pair of scissors

1. First, trim the front of the egg cup lid for recycling.

2. Paint a strip of blue or black, with the tempera, on the toilet paper tubes, which will become the ship's chimneys.

3. Paint clothes and faces on the plastic bottles to make them the two passengers on the boat.

4. When the paints are dry, stick the toilet paper rolls in the recesses of the egg cup lid and the bottles in the front. Paint the egg cup imitating the ship's structure.

5. For the ship's chimneys, stick pieces of cotton inside the rolls of toilet paper.

And our craft is done! Now to play with the children to be the captain of the ship. To enjoy....

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