Red Riding Hood. Traditional tales for children

Red Riding Hood. Traditional tales for children

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In a forest far from here, there lived a cheerful and beautiful girl who was loved by everyone. For his birthday, his mother threw him a big party. With her friends, the girl played, danced, blew out candles, ate cake and sweets. And since she was good, she received a lot of gifts. But her grandmother had a surprise: He gave her a red cape from which the girl never parted.

Every day she went out wearing the hood. And ever since, everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day his mother called him and said:
- Little Red Riding Hood, tomorrow I want you to go visit Grandma because she is ill. Bring him this basket with fruits, cakes, and a bottle of sweet wine.

The next morning, Little Red Riding Hood got up very early, put on her cape and said goodbye to her mother who said:
- Daughter, be very careful. Do not cross the forest or talk to strangers. But Little Red Riding Hood ignored her mother. And since he believed that there were no dangers, he decided to cross the forest to arrive earlier.

He was happy on the way. Singing and greeting all the animals that crossed his path. But what she did not know is that hidden behind the trees, was the wolf that followed her and watched. Suddenly, the wolf caught up with her and said:

- Hello Little Red Riding Hood!
- Hello Mr. Wolf!
- Where are you going so beautiful and in such a hurry?
- I am going to visit my grandmother, who is ill, and to whom I bring fruits, cakes, and a bottle of sweet wine.
- And where does your grandmother live?
- He lives on the other side of the forest. And now I have to go otherwise I will not arrive today. Goodbye Mr. Wolf.

The wolf shot out. He ran as far as he could until he reached the grandmother's house. He knocked on the door.

- Who is it? Granny asked. And the wolf, imitating the girl's voice said:
- It's me, Little Red Riding Hood.

Grandma opened the door and had no time to react. The wolf came in and swallowed it in one bite. She put on her grandmother's nightcap and got into her bed to wait for Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood, after collecting some flowers from the field for Grandma, finally came home. He knocked on the door and a voice told him to enter. When Little Red Riding Hood entered and approached the bed, she noticed that the grandmother was very changed. And asked:

- Granny, granny, what big eyes you have! And the wolf, imitating the voice of the grandmother, answered:
- They are to see you better.
- Granny, what big ears you have!
- They are to hear you better.
- Granny, what a big nose you have!
- They're to smell you better.

And already scared, she kept asking:

- But granny, what big teeth you have!
- They are for eat you better!

And the wolf jumping on little red riding hood also ate it in one bite. The wolf, with a completely full belly, ended up falling asleep on Grandma's bed. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother began to shout for help from inside the wolf's belly. The screams were heard by a woodcutter who was passing by and came over to see what was happening.

When he entered the house and perceived everything that had happened, he opened the wolf's belly, saving the lives of Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma. Afterwards, he filled the wolf's belly with stones and sewed it up. When the wolf woke up he was very thirsty. And he went to a well to drink water. But as he stooped, his belly weighed him down and the wolf ended up falling into the well from which he never managed to get out, and thus, everyone could live free from worry in the forest. And Little Red Riding Hood promised her mother that she would never disobey her again.


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