Decalogue to be a good father

Decalogue to be a good father

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Being a father is a great responsibility, it means taking charge of the care, education and attention of a child from the moment of birth. If being a father is difficult, being a good father is a daily and constant task that entails a great complication.

However, if we have a daily concern and interest to do our best, we will have won half the battle, even if we were wrong at some point.

1- Being present in the education and care of the child from the first moment is essential. You don't have to have all the time in the world, but you do need to dedicate quality time even though it is small.

2- Educate with limits. So bad is permissive education where the child imposes his will, like a relationship where the father exercises excessive authoritarianism. All experts agree that setting limits on the child's education is basic to give you a good education.

3- Give the child the most suitable environment for him to grow up happy and healthy. Parents have the responsibility to create an environment where their children can develop, grow, discover, play, and learn.

4- Do not use physical punishment on children, or constant shouting in education, because far from having the desired effect, it only affects the child's self-esteem and that his future behavior may be aggressive.

5- Educate children by example. It is essential that the father exercise paternity by giving an example and coherence to the education of children with his own actions. We cannot tell a child to be patient, when we lose it right away.

6- Loving children is essential, but even more important is letting them know. The child must be aware of that affection and perceive that love that his father feels for him. Hugging, kissing and expressing our love is a good way to achieve this.

7- Enjoy free time with the children in which the father can take the opportunity to have a good time, smile, enjoy nature, play sports together, watch a family movie, take a walk in the park ...

8- Be aware that we have many things to teach our children, but we can also learn from them.

9- Teach them to distinguish what is good from what is bad, educate them in values ​​and try to make them good people.

10- Make the children understand that they can always count on us, that they know that they can tell us about their fears or concerns. Definitely, foster trust and dialogue in the family.

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