Sex in pregnancy

Sex in pregnancy

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Pregnant women, who are in the first weeks of pregnancy, are concerned that sexual intercourse with their partner could harm the baby. In the case of normal pregnancies, penetration does not cause any harm to the fetus, since is protected in the womb and surrounded by amniotic fluid. The mucous plug, for its part, prevents the entry of bacteria or germs from the outside and keeps the cervix sealed.

The contractions that produce orgasm do not affect the baby or cause any harm, they are different from those of childbirth. However, at the end of pregnancy, when the date has already passed and the baby has not been born, some doctors advise sexual intercourse Since it stimulates contractions and favors the start of labor.

On the contrary, in risky pregnancies due to threatened abortion or premature delivery, specialists recommend not having intercourse. Other causes why the doctor may advise against sex in pregnancy They are: vaginal bleeding, history of spontaneous abortions, placenta previa, multiple pregnancy, incompetent cervix, signs of rupture of the bursa or painful contractions after penetration.

After an amniocentesis, women are advised to stop their sexual activity for a few days and remain at rest.

If the doctor recommends you not to have sex during pregnancy, you should know that it not only refers to intercourse, but also to any stimulus that produces sexual arousal or orgasm.

Libido can change throughout the trimesters of pregnancy. During the first trimester, many women refuse to have sexual intercourse, not only because of the discomfort they suffer in the first weeks of pregnancy: tiredness, sleepiness, vomiting or dizziness, but also because they notice a decrease in their sexual appetite.

The second trimester of pregnancy is usually the one with the most sexual activity in pregnant women, many speak of a increased libido and a desire to renew sexual relations with your partner.

Finally, the third trimester, sexual activity decreases again due to the discomfort of the new volume of the pregnant woman and the fatigue and tiredness that reappear at this stage of pregnancy.

In general, the missionary position will be the most uncomfortable for the woman and the least suitable since it is not convenient for the partner's weight to fall on the woman's body.

Most pregnant women find that side position or the one in which they are on top it is more comfortable for them. In any case, any position is valid as long as the woman feels comfortable.

Good communication between the couple will be beneficial in dealing with the changes that pregnancy can produce in sexual relationships.

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