The fidgety or restless child

The fidgety or restless child

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Many parents joke that our little one moves more than the stock market or that it rather seems that we have two or three children instead of one. We know very well how much energy preschoolers have: they move from here to there, even if they nod off tiredly. They seem not to be able to close their eyes and go to bed, and they play and move until they are almost unconscious ...

But these common signs in these ages, can cast in our mind the shadow of doubt due to a possible hyperactivity disorder, since this excessive restlessness is one of the symptoms that is popularly associated with this pathology.

ADHD (attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder) is a disorder of neurological origin that is normally diagnosed in childhood and is characterized by symptoms of hyperactivity such as continuous and excessive movement in the child, attention difficulties or impulsivity in actions or thoughtless responses, due to the wrong functioning of some areas of the brain.

But this is too general Do you know many little children who do not move or that they are not impulsive in their responses, without taking into account the waiting, the use of educational formulas that are socially learned behaviors? The diagnosis is much more complex.

Is a hyperactive child the same as a fidgety child? Certainly not. Although restlessness is a common characteristic of the hyperactive child, especially in the most extreme cases, we have to know that this natural restlessness is not exclusive to the hyperactive child, it is not even an essential symptom to reach a diagnosis of hyperactivity.

The fact that our son falls asleep on the floor, falling asleep after his irrepressible desire to play and move, leaves us undoubtedly surprised, we wonder why when he is tired he does not tell us or just go to bed. This, which is so rare in an older child or adolescent, is not unusual in completely healthy children under 5 years of age.

These levels of restlessness are considered normal until this age. We can consult with our pediatrician, however, given the persistence of these signs and take into account that there are other factors that can trigger these behaviors such as, for example, bad sleep habits, lack of routines or even other psychological disorders such as anxiety , depression or other developmental problems.

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