Singing bird. Children's crafts with eggs

Singing bird. Children's crafts with eggs

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On our site we propose you a very simple craft for Easter, it is about make a bird using an egg. The Easter season has traditions that we can teach our children, such as decorating Easter eggs. You can do it with children's crafts like this nice songbird.

A simple craft for children with which we encourage them to develop their motor skills and their imagination. Decorating Easter eggs is a very widespread custom and is a good option for children's holidays.

  • Egg
  • A needle
  • Bowl or bowl
  • Yellow card
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Glue and scissors
  • Black marker

1. Empty the egg with the help of a needle and a bowl. When it's really clean, paint it yellow. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to empty an egg without breaking it.

2. Draw the bird's beak on yellow cardboard with a small triangle. Put a small tab to be able to glue it and cut it out.

3. Mark three trapezoids of about 3 cm. on orange tissue paper, it will be the wings and crest of the bird. Cut them out.

4. Cut strips in the trapezoids, at the widest part and without reaching the end, so that they look like the feathers of the bird.

5. Put glue on the beak flange and glue it to the egg, halfway up. Glue the wings and the crest, just the edge. Place the wings on the sides and the crest behind, so that it shows when looking at it from the front.

6. With a black marker, paint the eyes of the bird, and add more details if you wish.

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