The number 1. Short poems for children

The number 1. Short poems for children

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Learning numbers is one of the first knowledge that children acquire in school. Associating the quantity that corresponds to the number in question and what its spelling is like is basic so that later you can acquire other learning such as addition or subtraction.

Children learn numbers by writing them, but on our site we also suggest that they learn them through poetry. We offer you an entertaining poem about number 1 for kids to memorize.

Once number one

in a huge mirror he saw himself.

And thinking that I was not unique

his ego made him sad.

The mirror was magic

and immediately reacted.

Showed number one

the image of number Two.

The One, with pride,

to number Two he criticized.

He said: it's very twisted,

He's not straight like me

Thus, the smallest of the integers

concluded to be the best.

Ignoring that each symbol

represents a value.

Author: David Gómez Salas

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