Things that dads don't know how to do

Things that dads don't know how to do

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A few days ago, I was picking up my children from the pool, and while I was dressing them, I had a father by my side doing exactly the same with his daughter, who would be about 4 years old. The father dressed her correctly, delicately and attentively, but when it was time to comb her ... He stretched his small and fine hair upwards without care or grace and began to wind a rubber band as best he could. The girl ended up with a kind of indescribable updo on top of her head. Now, she left so happy, because her dad had combed her.

This anecdote told in the office has generated a flood of stories of things that parents do not know how to do or at least, do not care as much as a mother. It is not a question of competing and finding out who is a better parent: a mother or fatherThere is simply some care, pampering, tenderness or dedication that is more typical of a mother. There are things that parents would not think of, let's see:

- Who gets up at night if the baby cries? Generally we are the mothers who get up, either to check that they are well, to tuck the children who uncover at night, to make sure they do not have a fever or to calm them if they have had a nightmare.

- Choose clothes: taking into account that there are parents with a lot of aesthetic sense, what can happen if the parents choose how the children will dress is that they go in a tracksuit to a family party or put them in a red jacket with an orange shirt, and even that they put some patent leather shoes with an outfit of the most informal.

- As we mentioned above, the hairstyle is a separate chapter. Most parents of male children do not consider the comb to be a useful instrument ... what a waste of time! By smoothing the hair with your hands the children are ready. And, in the case of girls, their efforts to make ponytails, braids and updos are priceless, but they obviously lack practice and the end result is usually not one of exhibition.

- The pampering: despite loving their children very much, what would the human species be if mothers were not there to comfort their children when they cry, when they have had a nightmare, when they are not well or when a friend has told them said something that has hurt them. Mothers tend to have the most sensitive sensitivity to matters of feelings, and fathers, sometimes perhaps due to an older education, think that children have to build character. And if not tell me, Why do children call mom when they cry?

Perhaps many moms would put on this list a chapter dedicated to food, however, we are not going to do it, why? Because lately we have come across a lot of 'kitchen dads'. They are parents who love to get into the kitchen to make delicious dishes for their children and who also do it well. Be careful they are stomping!

Finally, and to speak in favor of fathers: what things do fathers know how to do? They are great at playing, they are imaginative, creative and they prefer to lie on the floor to have a good time with their children than to pick up the clothes that may be thrown around the house. They are good counselors and they get involved like their parents didn't in the education of their children. They like to teach children new things and make them think for themselves. Even if they don't know how to make pigtails ... what would be of us without our parents!

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