Children's poems about the number five

Children's poems about the number five

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Learning numbers is a basic teaching in childhood. Children have to know both the spelling of the number and the quantity they represent.

In Guiainfantil we propose a different way to learn numbers, we have selected several poems about the number five for children to recite and have fun learning.

And in a jump

we talk about five

even if your name is not Jacinto

nor live in the fifth.

Five is half ten

says my friend sensibly

and the same as two plus three

Shall we start again?

(Alba Caraballo)

I have 5 balloons

that they are going to fly,

through the blue sky,

across the wide sea.

To five countries

soon they will arrive

with five messages

of love and friendship:

-Let's take care of the earth.

-Let's take care of the sea.

-Stop the wars.

-May the world be at peace.

-And that no child has to cry.

(Irene, teacher)

Fingers of one hand


The toes of one foot


Pinky, ring

Heart, index and thumb

You just have to add them

(Star Montenegro)

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