Poetry for children by Carmen Gil

Poetry for children by Carmen Gil

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Carmen Gil-Bonachera Martínez He was born on the Cadiz coast, and although he now lives in a town in Huelva, he always takes some time to spend with the sea. He has been dedicating himself to the teaching and writing for children.

For them and with them, he has done a little bit of everything: theater, puppets, storytelling, world dance workshops ... and even some magic! But what he likes the most is play with words. He has more than 40 published books.

Her passion for poetry made her create Cosicosas a digital magazine of children's poetry for all children in Spanish-speaking countries. You can learn a little more about his great work at

In Guiainfantil we have compiled several children's poems by Carmen Gil so you can read them with your children during free time.

Kisses. Kisses is a children's poem by the author Carmen Gil. Modern poems for children. The importance of reading in childhood. Encourage reading among children. A poetry about kisses to read to children. Short poems to read to children. Nursery rhymes about kisses.

The green toad. Stimulate children's interest in reading with this poem El sapo verde, by Carmen Gil. Poems to teach children to read. Children's poems. Children and poetry. How poetry can enrich language, improve memory and bring children closer to reading.

The clutter. El desordenador is a nursery rhyme by Carmen Gil, which talks about some peculiarities of a nice computer. Short poems for children. How and when to read poems for children. The effects of poetry on children.

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