Homeopathy to combat infantile enuresis

Homeopathy to combat infantile enuresis

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Many children cannot control their pee at night, and that poses some family problems. Families are unsure how to cope with childhood enuresis and are torn between seeking medical treatment or hoping it will pass on its own. However, the ideal is to act as soon as possible and homeopathy it can help prevent bed-wetting.

When it comes to childhood illnesses or children's problems, we always prefer to seek more natural treatments, less aggressive and with fewer side effects than those proposed by conventional medicine. That is why we look to homeopathic treatments that can also treat infantile enuresis.

It takes a long time and a lot of training to get a child's diaper off. It is considered a milestone in child development, but all the joy can collapse when you discover one good day that the child, suddenly, has not been able to control pee While sleeping. Is bed-wetting a medical problem?

In most cases, infantile enuresis has a psychological origin. So, while the causes of incontinence in the child are discovered, we can try certain homeopathic remedies such as Cypressus, the Belladonna wave Sepia. It must be borne in mind that all these treatments that homeopathy proposes to us take a while before verifying their effectiveness.

In any case, when a child begins to show symptoms of incontinence or enuresis, they should be taken to the pediatrician. It will be when the pediatrician rules out a medical problem when we can take you to a specialist in homeopathy to study your specific case and find the best remedy for enuresis.

It is very important to treat childhood enuresis naturally and without drama. After all, it is still a frequent problem between children. But we cannot ignore it either, since it surely has a psychological origin. If there have been changes in the family environment, such as the arrival of a new baby brother or the child faces a new stage, such as the beginning of school, it is very possible that an episode of enuresis occurs.

In no case should you scold the child for not being able to hold the pee. Maybe it's a night terrors problem or you just haven't noticed. Talking with the child and proposing fun challenges to get him to control his urine again, are the best methods to treat this problem. And if the enuresis persists for a long time, the child may need psychological help to find the cause.

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