Talos, the bronze giant. Short stories for kids

Talos, the bronze giant. Short stories for kids

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Greek mythology contains the foundations of Western culture. So that the children know it from the beginning, in Guiainfantil we are adapting mythological stories in the form of short stories for children. So they enjoy and learn at the same time.

On this occasion we narrate the legend that is still told today in Crete of a bronze giant called Talos. The giant strode along the Cretan coast watching over all those who disembarked on the magical island and the welcome he gave them was quite spectacular.

There was a time when no one could enter the magical island of Crete. So the god had decided Zeus because she had her beloved Europe hidden on the island and she didn't want anyone to find her. To avoid visits to the island, he called Talos, a bronze giant that prevented access to Crete.

Talos he was the watchman of Crete and traveled the coasts three times a day. He controlled the arriving ships and as soon as the sailors saw Talos waiting on the beach ready to meet them, they turned around in their ship and left as far from Crete as possible. Because most sailors already knew what would happen to them if they let Talos welcome them.

Talos he approached the beach to greet those who dared to disembark. Inside his body he had an engine that when he started it overheated and, since the giant was made of bronze, his entire body became incandescent. In this state, he would smile at the sailors, spread his arms and run to meet them to give them a warm welcome.

- Welcome to Crete! - said the giant Talos as she hugged them with her burning body.

Logically, all sailors died wrapped in that searing embrace of Talos.

It seemed there was no way to get into Crete. Until one fine day the Greek hero arrived on his ship Jason, along with the sorceress Medea. As they approached Crete, Jason saw Talos stride along the shoreline and at one point he stopped to look at the ship and began to turn glowing orange.

Jason he was afraid and immediately wanted to turn around. But where heroes dare not, there is always a woman more intelligent and daring than they. Medea he knew how the giant Talos worked. The giant had a single vein that ran from the foot to the head and there was no way to kill the giant as long as that vein continued to circulate icor. Because the veins of the gods, the titans and the giants do not run blood, but ichor.

The biggest problem was that no one could get close to him because his body was on fire, so Medea He searched among his best spells to cast one at him from the ship. With Medea's spell, the giant Talos immediately fell asleep on the beach sand. You had to hurry.

Medea He got off the boat, approached the sprawling body of the giant, and found a screw in the instep. When opened, the icor of Talos it started to come out of her body, as if she were bleeding out. A green liquid spread across the sand of that Cretan beach and left a trail all over the Cretan coast that can still be seen today. This is how from then on, you can re-enter the magical island of Crete without the danger of being burned by a giant with his hug.

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