6 reasons teachers scold students

6 reasons teachers scold students

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What child has the teacher not scolded him in class? Even the most studious, calm and responsible at a certain moment have been reprimanded by the teacher either for speaking, for not participating or for having their mind on another planet. Let's not say then the children who are more restless or unruly.

As a child I was the nightmare of some other teacher and that is that I did not stop talking, they changed my place over and over again and I kept chatting, they sat me next to the quietest and most silent, and made them talk. And is that Talking with your partner is the main reason why students receive reprimands from teachers.

Teachers have to deal with a classroom in which there are usually an average of 25 children, each with needs, a character, or concerns. They must have a lot of left hand, patience and organizational skills so that the class does not rebel against them.

As in all professions there are better and worse teachers, strict, close, empathetic, vocational, authoritarian, dedicated ... Be that as it may, everyone when asked agrees that the bad behaviors of children in class tend to be:

- Speak: is the main reason, chatting with your partner and not attending in class.

- Wear toys from home and entertain them in class.

- Hit a partner.

- Do not participate in the activities and exercises that are done in class.

- Not having done homework.

- Not knowing the answer to topics that teachers have explained ad nauseam.

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