What does dance bring to children? Dance in childhood

What does dance bring to children? Dance in childhood

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What is dancing? Dancing is moving with rhythm to music. Dancing is a good resource not only for playing and having fun with children, but also for stimulating their physical, mental and emotional development. From an early age, it is normal to observe babies when they listen to music. They react spontaneously by making small movements with their body, much to the delight of their parents. According to research by York University Department of Psychology (UK), babies are already born with an innate tendency to move with rhythm, in response to music.

Dancing is proven to have many health benefits for children. you have selected a few:

1- It is a good cardiovascular exercise for the little ones;

2- Helps children to better synchronize, coordinate and balance their movements

3- Helps to create bonds with other children. It favors their capacity for socialization;

4- Stimulates the muscular development of the child;

5- Strengthen the flexibility of children

6- Awakens the bodily dexterity of the child;

7- Stimulates the memory and creativity of children;

8- It favors laughter and smile

Dancing is one of the activities that can arouse the most pleasure in children. The child who dances rejoices and establishes a bond with his companion, be it a friend, his mother or his father. If you don't know how to dance with your child, follow a few tips:

1- Dancing with babies
Dancing with a baby is usually done with him in your arms, at least until he begins to take his first steps. Loose or placed in a baby carrier, they play music and make them participate in the dance of the person who carries them in their arms, in a very fun way. Movements are made that help to combine the body with the rhythm of the music. You can turn the body, jump ... guiding the baby in your movements. Baby will love it.

2- Dancing with children
Dancing with children who are already walking is different. With them you can perform movements, starting with holding their hands and then guiding them to the rhythm of the music. It is advisable that at the same time the rhythm of the child is stimulated with clapping, snapping of the fingers. It is also interesting that you practice simple and repetitive steps so that the child stimulates his memory.

3- Type of music
It is important to consider that for each moment there is a music. If what you want is to relax your child, the ideal is that you dance to calmer music. If the other way around, you want your child to move, there are more upbeat songs. You can dance anywhere, at home, in the country, on the beach, at a party ...

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