How difficult it is to combine the role of mother with work ...

How difficult it is to combine the role of mother with work ...

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On May 1, we celebrate Labor Day and just a few days away from Mother's Day. These are days that deserve a reflection on the great difficulty of being a mother and exercising a professional work that is compatible with maternal obligations.

Taking our children to school gives us the opportunity to talk with many mothers and to understand the great difficulties that we all experience in order to feel satisfied with our maternal work and, at the same time, to be able to pursue a professional career. Many of us row in the same boat before the waves of the many impediments.

Mothers have to solve big dilemmas and challenges in this regard, some of us are real jugglers to manage our time and solve adverse and unforeseen situations. A woman and a mother will have opportunities to work, if support is given or sought under the stones, in fact, there are not a few women who truncate or postpone their professional career in favor of their children.

They are full-time mothers because they have not been able to reconcile these two facets and, of course, they have put priority. Being a mother is not only about bringing a child into the world, it is an incredible job, from attending to their physical and emotional needs to dedicating their education and learning. We can put in hours piecework! What is clear is that a mother and a worker needs help from outside her, if she does not want to die trying.

Moms' jobs should consider problems such as what to do with them during their abundant and well-deserved summer vacations, what to do if your little one gets sick, what happens when you necessarily have to travel, what to do when school and work hours do not coincide , what to do when you cannot go to the help of your grandparents, caregiver or husband, what to do when the expenses for the care of our children are practically the same as the income.

Despite these difficulties, many maintain the type and others, although they would leave everything, do not do so because they really need the income from their work, or because, later, when their children are somewhat older, it will be much more difficult to find or resume their Laboral life. It is not surprising that many mothers are always on edge, with lack of time, in a bad mood, with frustrations, with feelings of guilt. The day to day of many mothers is stressful. But to offer quality time to our children, there are not a few mothers who give up part of the hours or give up positions of more responsibility. Will there be a solution for this?

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