The danger of children climbing on furniture

The danger of children climbing on furniture

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The curiosity of children is infinite, parents know it well. For this reason, when they begin to crawl we try to protect them from the damages that can be caused and we put protectors on the corners of the furniture, flanges so that they do not open the drawers or cover the plugs. But, Have you already anchored the furniture to the wall?

Do not think that it is an exaggerated measure, the video of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission try to alert parents to the dangers of not fastening furniture to the wall.

A few days ago one of my sons was playing with his cousins ​​in the room, he hung himself so hard on one of the sliding closet doors that he managed to unhook it and ended up falling with all his weight on his little foot. The pain he felt was tremendous, although fortunately he only had a bruise and he was fortunate because he narrowly escaped breaking his foot.

Children usually open furniture drawers and use them as a ladder to see what is on top of it or to pick up an object that has caught their attention. This means that if the element is not attached to the wall, it bends over the child with all its weight.

It is not an uncommon fact, in fact the United States Consumer Safety Commission alerts with this video of this problem and warns us that each two weeks a child dies from an accident of this type, a chilling fact.

This simulation tries to warn all parents about the risks posed by a child climbing on a piece of furniture that is not anchored to the wall. This can lead to serious injury to the child or even death.

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