5 games to teach children to count

5 games to teach children to count

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If there is one thing children enjoy doing once they know, it is counting numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... and so on to infinity. So that they know how to do it without getting lost, we can teach them simple way to not lose the thread. Also, the more fun these shapes are, the better they will remember it in the future.

The most important thing is to be patient when doing it, as they will appreciate it. We can do it based on stories with numbers, songs, with rhymes, with poems, with images or drawings ... The imagination is infinite, like the strings of numbers that the little ones will make from then on when they learn to count.

For children to learn to count in a simple way, it is best that we teach them certain games that appear below, so that they always remember the succession of numbers. Through songs, visual images, or simple rhymes, our kids will quickly get the hang of it and love it. know how to count.

After these games, they will probably learn much faster the numbers, and be more curious to count the further the better, even in other languages ​​that they learn in the classroom.

1. The song game: Virtually all children like to create melodies and repeat them. If we sing the numerical sequence with a sound that is familiar to them, or that they can easily follow, then they will be able to continue saying the numbers.

2. The rhyming game: Poems, rhymes, poetry ... The universe of rhymes with numbers is infinite, so this way it will be easier for them to learn them and then also know how to add, subtract or multiply in the future.

3. The game of the balls: With balls that we can make with clay or clayWe can join them so that the children know how many are present and why they are adding.

4. The game of colors: The one in red, the two in green, the three in blue ... Children have a lot of visual memory, and help them to remember why these numbers go in this order. If we use it with tones that attract their attention, it will be much easier for them to relate it themselves later when they are counting.

5. The game of names: So that they always remember the succession of numbers, we can help them to play with the numbers in ascending and descending order if we substitute the numbers or complement them with words that they easily know, or with names of family members, so they can go 'adding 'without getting lost. For example: 1 is Juan, 2 is Maria, 3 is José, 4 is Martina. Who is 2? Who comes next? ....

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