Play with books to stimulate reading

Play with books to stimulate reading

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A book in the hands of a child it can take him to fly through fantasy worlds, imagination, of magic ... and to transform this meeting into a true whirlwind of sensations, voices and noises. It is that a book is also a great game tool, and as such, it has to be present in the life of a child from birth.

A gesture as simple as reading a story to a child can perpetuate an enriching hobby throughout his life. Children copy everything they see in the older ones, so if they see you read, the little ones will start to be motivated by reading. Guí proposes ideas to turn the book into a fun instrument for your child. Once they pick up a book ... they won't put it down!

1. The game of voices:
Any story, no matter how small, can be transformed into a game of voices and noises. The little ones love to listen to the changes in tone: the high-pitched voices, the bass voices, those that imitate children, a witch, the sounds of water, wind, animals ... This is how they learn to identify the different characters: the good guys, the bad guys, the youngest or the oldest. The truth is that any creative element will catch your attention! Note: Recommended for boys and girls from 0 to 8 years old.

2. Draw the story:
Only colored pencils, poster board, and a storyteller are needed. The game consists of the boys and girls acting out the different plots of the story: the beginning, the middle and the ending. They can make as many drawings as they want, the important thing is to let their creativity go free. In addition, observing their drawings you can learn hundreds of things: what catches your attention will be the biggest, what you like least will be omitted or will be very small ... They will love having their own illustrations of the stories! Note: Recommended for boys and girls ages three to eight. From the age of 6 it is also possible to propose that they write small texts at the bottom of the drawings, thus they will make their own classic stories.

3. Doing theater:
It's time to get out of the trunk of memories: a hat, gloves, plastic necklaces, belts or a vest. Any old clothes will be the perfect disguise, a set of children's makeup will also help to characterize mustaches, a scar or some blushes. They will act out their favorite story and the kids will love it! Note: Recommended for boys and girls ages five to eight. From the age of 7 it can also be suggested that they write a short script to adapt the story of the book.

4. The super detective:
If what you want is to develop their attention, you just have to propose that they be a 'Super detective '. The game consists of looking for secret clues: they can be colors, words that start with "A", "B", words in the plural, in feminine, in masculine, words that are written with 'H'. You can set a time or word limit and ultimately think of a great reward ... How about your favorite dessert? It's great for spelling, vocabulary, and language! Note: For boys and girls from 7 to 12 years old. Each detective must have his own detective notebook and a pen in order to write down all the clues. If several children are participating, each one can use a different colored pen.

5. Inventing or creating another ending:
Surely there is a book with a not very funny ending, so the solution is to try to invent among all the family the perfect ending. Each one contributes their idea and the whole family decides which 'piece of history' is the best. It is a way of talking about a book: the characters, the context, the different situations, etc. The game It can be complicated depending on the age of the participants. Note: For boys and girls ages 5 and up. This game is ageless and surely there are hundreds of endings to modify.

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