Mom, the best word. Poems for Mother's Day

Mom, the best word. Poems for Mother's Day

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Nice poetry to celebrate theMother's Day. If you want a special gift to congratulate the mothers on their day, here is a children's poem full of love and affection that you can recite or write on a card.

On Mother's Day, children show their appreciation for all these unselfish care of mothers and what better way than to do it with a poetry dedicated especially to them.

I can say mom is the best word

because I don't just tell the person

who gave me life, but the one who gave

life for me, that in sleepless nights

there was always light for me.

It's the best word that comes out of my voice

when something did not come out that I expected

I only ask that they never erase from my memory

That word that I never want to forget

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