Tricks to remove marker stains from children's clothing

Tricks to remove marker stains from children's clothing

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We leave our children a series of felt pens to entertain themselves, they paint marvelous landscapes and have a great time, but when you have to collect the arsenal of artists and return to real life ... horror! As we already imagined, the clothes are missing from the stains of the marker in question.

The drama can be less if we know how to remove them in a simple and without starting to rub too much, with some simple tricks and home remedies that will make our lives easier when we have children who express themselves freely through these types of paintings.

The first thing we have to do is know what kind of products we will need for one moment or another. As we will not always be in our own house or we will have at hand everything that we could use against markers, the first thing is to know what we could count on at any given moment: alcohol, acetone for nails, liquid detergent or even in a moment given, hairspray.

If we have some of these products, we can get rid of stains from the beginning, or at least give them that help so that when the clothes come out of the washing machine we do not have to regret having left them those markers.

- The trick of alcohol on clothes: What we must do when we have located the stains is patiently, apply a little alcohol on the area in question. Before it takes effect, it is necessary that with the clothes iron we go over it several times in order to eliminate it. Putting these clothes in the washing machine would completely end the process.

- Acetone and markers: As could happen with nail lacquers, if we use acetone or nail polish remover With a recent marker stain, if we apply it with the help of a towel or a handkerchief, the stain will be removed.

- Hairspray: This home remedy is the most curious, but no less effective. What we have to do is put a surface under the garment, either a towel or some paper so that it does not penetrate, to apply a good spray of lacquer, which we will spread with the help of a cotton ball.

- Liquid detergent: If it hasn't been too long yet, we can apply liquid detergent in the area in question with a handkerchief and towel, then send it directly to the washing machine before it spreads.

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