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Movies for kids about moms

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Children's movies for Mother's Day


When the gorilla Kala, having lost her son, meets a human baby, she does not hesitate and takes him with her. Despite the opposition of other animals, he raises Tarzan as his own son and shows that love for the adoptive children it is just as unconditional as the biological one.

The novice Maria is sent to the strict Captain von Trapp's house to take care of her seven children. Thank you to your songs, her joy and warmth will transform the house into a home and will become a true mother to children.

When the stork comes to the circus bringing Dumbo, all the animals laugh at him because of his big ears. Thanks to the care and unconditional love of his mother, and the support of his friend the mouse, Dumbo will understand that he can overcome all difficulties.

Eliza Welch is a busy mother of two young children who must also keep an eye on her clueless husband. Her great desire is to resume her writing career, but one day she will be involved in a lot of adventures that will show her that moms are real multitaskers capable of everything.

Superheroes no longer use their powers, but live in hiding like normal people. When Mr. Incredible decides to get his life back from Super Hero and ends up imprisoned on an island, it will be Elastigirl who will travel with her children to rescue the whole family.

In the March family there are four young girls: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, each with a very different character from their sisters. His mother Margaret must take care of keeping order, educate their daughters and teach them to be good to each other and to help each other.

The elegant Duchess cat lives in a luxurious house in Paris with her three kittens (Toulouse, Berlioz and Marie). One day they will be dragged away from home and will have to fight their way back. Duquesa's courage and courage will guide her offspring on a fun adventure home.

Merida is a rebellious and adventurous princess, quite the opposite of her mother, Queen Elinor, an elegant and discreet lady. A faulty spell will turn Mérida's mother into a bear, and they will have to find the bond that binds mother and daughter to get back to normal.

Cindy and Jim Green are a couple who love each other very much and want to have a child, but they can't. One night, thanks to a magical wish, Timothy appears on her doorstep. It is a beautiful story about adoption that teaches us what it means be a good mother.

One of the most popular Disney classics. Bambi is a fawn who lives in the forest with his mother and friends. The arrival of the hunters will make little Bambi understand the dangers of the forest and how his mother always protects him.

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