The first photos of mothers with their babies at home

The first photos of mothers with their babies at home

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The British photographer, Jenny Lewis, records with his camera some moments of the first day of some mothers with their newborn baby, when they are already at home. The first 24 hours of a mother with her baby, after a painful delivery, is a special moment, which according to the photographer deserves to be recognized and reflected in a photo. For this reason, she photographed mothers in her neighborhood, who had just given birth, and gathered all the photographs in a beautiful and tender book: One day young (A young day).

For Lewis, the first day of a mother with her baby is unique, since the mother not only has to suffer the pain of childbirth, but also combine it with a series of feelings and emotions such as joy, tenderness, love, and especially victory. With her book, she tells, through photographs, stories of courage, strength and overcoming.

His project was developed for five years and gathers photos of mothers and babies of different social classes, races and entities. With his book One day young, which has been published by the publisher Hoxton Mini Press, in the United States, Lewis wants to celebrate what it means and what it means to be a mother to a woman.

Follow some photos, taken from the photographer's website:

Frida and Ethan

Idoya and Nahia

Liana and Archer

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