The bat. Mexican short stories

The bat. Mexican short stories

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Once there was a beautiful bat. It was the most beautiful creature of creation, since in its eagerness to resemble the rest of the birds, it went up to the sky and requested the creator to possess feathers. This one replied that could ask other birds for their best feathers. And so he did.

After a time of collection, the bat proudly looked your spectacular new look. He fluttered all over the land, rejoicing in his image. Even, on one occasion, with the echo of its flight, it caused a wonderful rainbow.

All the animals watched him fascinated by his dazzling image. However, the flattery began to take its toll on him. Pride seized his reason. He looked with contempt at the rest of the birds, whom considered inferior to him for his beauty.

He sensed that no other animal was equal to him. He believed that there was no other quality more important than physical appearance. The rest of the birds felt humiliated by the flight of the bat. His continual swaggering became unbearable to the entire animal kingdom, and his offenses reached the ears of the creator. He decided to intervene.

After observing the attitude of the beautiful bat, he made him call and go up to heaven. In the presence of the creator, it began to flap with an overwhelming joy. It flapped over and over again, unconsciously shedding all its beautiful feathers.

Suddenly he found himself naked, as at the beginning of time. Embarrassed, he descended to earth, taking refuge in caves and denying himself the vision. For days, colored feathers rained that he did not want to observe, trying to forget how beautiful it was one day. Since then, the bat has lived secluded in the dark, lamenting its selfish attitude.

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