Running games for kids

Running games for kids

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It would not be bad to put aside the video game console, tablet or mobile phone and discover our children the taste for traditional games. One of the mythical games that accompany the childhood memories of generations is he run and we would love to discover it to the children of today.

There are many modalities of running games for kids, each one more fun. When running you can play outdoors, but also indoors when the weather doesn't allow it. It is a traditional game that is not out of date at any time.

Children have fun playing running, but it is also a game with many benefits, since it promotes psychomotor development, elasticity, and quick reflexes. But the most important thing about the circle is that it fosters friendship and unity among children by preparing them for some social relationships based on respect and complicity.

The run can be played standing or sitting. Children form circles and the game takes place in that circle of children who sometimes have their hands clasped. Getting up, bending over, sitting down, running or sometimes just communication between its members forms the basis of this fun game for children.

- The telegram. The children sit in a circle holding hands except for one child who is the watchman. A child begins the game by saying: 'I send a telegram to Pedro' and then they shake hands until it reaches Pedro and answers: 'received'. Pedro will be in charge of sending the next telegram. Meanwhile, the child who remains standing has to discover who is shaking whose hand and if he does, that child will take his place of watchman.

- The blind chicken. 'Blind chicken, what has been lost? A needle in a haystack. Go around three times and you will find it '. They are the almost magical words that are pronounced in this mythical ring game in which the little chicken is a child with his eyes covered who stands in the center of the ring. The other children stand up and circle the chicken three times. That boy who plays a chicken tries to get closer to one of those who form the circle and identify him without being able to see him.

- The shoe from behind. In this running game the children are sitting with their eyes closed while the song is sung. 'To the shoe from behind, tris after. You neither see it nor will you see it, sad after. Look up that beans fall, look down that chickpeas fall. To sleep, to sleep that the Kings are going to come '. The player who is standing has the duration of the song to place a shoe behind one of the children. By the time the song ends, everyone opens their eyes and looks for the shoe. Whoever has her behind has to get up running and chase the boy who put the shoe on to see who takes the place inside the circle first.

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