The Trampoline toad. Modern fable about overcoming children

The Trampoline toad. Modern fable about overcoming children

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María O'Donnell writes us this fable of the Trampoline Toad, to teach us the importance of developing the ability to overcome and solve problems and difficulties. Children must learn to overcome and solve difficulties in school and in all its activities. Not giving up is the key to all improvement, especially if we want to fulfill our dreams. With this modern fable you can teach children the importance of children's self-improvement and competition fury.

Trampoline It was a tiny toad that lived with his family in a pond of water lilies. Although he was small in size, he had a very big dream: to be the best jumper of all toads.

To fulfill his aspiration, he decided to join the competition most important jumping event in the country, which was held within three months, in a pond near the pond.

As soon as the registration was done, Trampolín began to train. At first, he bounced very low and the other toads told him that he was not going to make it, that his hind legs were too short and that his leaps were hardly lifting him off the ground. But the little toad ignored them, he continued err err trying to reach higher.

Trampoline climbed the stalks of reeds, leaped over the leaves of water lilies, made races to strengthen your muscles and thus, little by little, he managed to be well prepared.

The day of the great contest arrived. There were colored lanterns and garlands all over the path that led to the pond. It was a holiday. Trampoline was nervous with the number four on his back.

All the contestants lined up. In total there were ten. He judge toad He started taking turns, with a resounding 'Croa!' and a jury of three toads would choose who was the best.

When it was the turn of the Trampoline, the little toad bent his legs with force, then he stretched them in the air as much as he could and gave a amazing jump.

All the toads began to croak with joy and at the end of the contest, the judges decided that the winner was number four: Trampoline !.

Moral: Those who work hard will achieve their dreams.

Reading comprehension is very important in a child's reading development. It is not enough just to understand the words, but also that it is necessary to know what the whole text says.

Therefore, in guiainfantil.com We leave you some questions so you know if your child has understood the text:

- Toad was good at jumping at the beginning of the story?

- What did your friends tell you?

- Did Sapito listen to his friends?

- Why did you keep jumping?

- Who won the race?

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