This is what the children's signature reveals about their personality

This is what the children's signature reveals about their personality

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The children's signature represents their personal seal, the brand they use to identify themselves, to leave evidence that something has been done by them and to validate something with which they agree. But did you know that children's signature reveals their personality and some of their emotions?

An investigation carried out with children between 7 and 15 years old concluded that the little ones are quite clear about what signing means and the difference that the mere fact of writing their name entails; so, it is around 7 years that gradually most children begin to develop their “personal stamp”.

Graphology, which is the discipline that deals with the way in which our writing reflects key aspects of our personality, has developed a series of signature interpretation parameters taking into account many aspects such as: its shape, its location, its size, its direction, its pressure, its legibility, among others.

Obviously children are in a developmental process that causes their signature to change continuously until they reach maturity (and even then it continues to change continuously throughout adult life according to life circumstances). On the other hand, a formal analysis It could only be done by a professional.

However, it is interesting that you ask your child to make a letter and sign it. You will be able to observe it and try to find a relationship with some of the basic interpretations about personality (without losing the perspective that it is only an exercise where there is nothing decisive yet). These are some of the considerations that you should take into account.

Where did your son sign? The place where you have written your name in relation to the folio and the rest of the text can speak about certain traits of your personality.

1. If it is very close to the text or almost touches it
It generally indicates a certain dependency, insecurity and a need to feel protected.

2. If it is close to the text, but does not touch it
He is probably a balanced child, who adapts well to different situations.

3. If it is too far from the text
Normally he speaks of a reserved or introverted child, who does not show his emotions easily and who likes to put distance between what he really feels and what he shows.

4. To the left of the text
It may be a child or young person who does not like changes, usually indicates a certain insecurity and introversion. You may prefer to stay protected in the safety of the past before facing the unknown. It may also be that you are going through a difficult situation that is difficult to cope with or that creates a lot of stress.

5. In the center of the text
He speaks of a very balanced and controlled personality, not very spontaneous, which regulates his impulses and the expression of feelings.

6. To the right of the text
In general, he is an optimistic, fighter, dynamic child with confidence in what is to come.

How big is the signature if you compare it to the rest of the text he has written? These are some of the keys to keep in mind.

- Large text, small signature
Usually it has to do with a lack of confidence and security. It may be a child overprotected by his parents.

- Signature that corresponds to the size of the text
These are people well placed in their reality, balanced, transparent, who show themselves as they are.

- Large signature, small text
On many occasions it may be someone who shows excess confidence in him and his abilities. It is perceived as superior to others, or it may be a defense mechanism against real feelings of insecurity. They are usually continually trying to get attention and need recognition and attention.

There are children who tend to write upwards, while others write straight lines and others go downwards. Something similar happens with signatures, which reveals different emotions of the child who has signed.

- An ascending signature
They are usually ambitious, optimistic personalities with high goals.

- When the firm is horizontal
Demonstrates stability, objectivity, and maturity.

- If the signature is descending
Shows pessimism, sadness, discouragement.

There are many more interpretations of the rubric (strokes that are added to the name when signing) and the name in the signature. However, those are still difficult to identify because children and young people are still in experimentation.

It is only worth knowing that the simpler the signature, (for example, those who only write their name), it is a much greater indicator of personality, objectivity and transparency on those whose signature is too ornate or illegible.

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