6 kids' joke ideas for Holy Innocents Day

6 kids' joke ideas for Holy Innocents Day

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Every December 28th the feast of the Innocent saints. Do you know why it is called that? It actually recalls a tragic event: it bears this name because according to Catholic tradition, Herod ordered the slaughter of all children under 2 years of age in Judea to end the life of the Child Jesus.

Today, this day is a date dedicated to jokes and fun. It is a day to laugh and enjoy, to do little tricks, jokes between friends and family or jokes without great importance. It may seem, due to the nature of the day, that it is a day for children, however, adults enjoy it as much or more than the little ones. Even the newscasts or newspapers during this day carry some incredible and unreal news to participate in the party.

When I was little, my grandfather used to always wear a bow tie at Christmas parties. On December 28, my brother and I decided to hide grandfather's bow tie, who began desperately looking for it.

Little by little, his bewilderment turned into anger and it increased progressively. My brother and I, seeing him so angry, did not dare to confess. My mother finally saw our contorted faces and forced us to tell everything. This taught us that before making a joke, you had to measure the victim's stamina.

If you're already clear on who your kids can play tricks on, here are some fun and innocent ideas for kids to do:

- Swap sugar for salt
The faces of the person affected by drinking orange juice with salt or coffee with salt can be a poem.

- The bill that moves
Tie a string to a bill and leave it in the middle of the aisle. Take the other end of the string and hide. When someone passes by and tries to pick up the bill, pull the string quickly. Your bewilderment will be very funny.

- The coin
Stick a coin on the ground. When someone passes by, they will try to catch it, without success. Don't miss the look it makes!

- The puppet
It's the classic joke for autonomy. It is about making a paper doll and sticking it on the back of our victim who can spend the whole day without knowing that he is an 'innocent'.

- Flatulence
In joke shops we can find the typical cushion that we will place on our victim's chair. When you sit down, a loud gas will expose you.

- The fly in the ointment
Buy a spider or a fly and put it on the plate of one of the diners. When you go to have your food and see it ... ahhhhh, your hair will stand on end.

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