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Carla's closet. Short story for children who despise others

Carla's closet. Short story for children who despise others

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If you have detected any disrespectful behavior in any of your children, you should read this story. He talks about a red t-shirt that is believed to be superior to the rest of the clothes in the closet he lived in. However, with the passage of time he will end up learning a lesson that will make your little ones reflect. This short story for children It is called "Carla's closet" and it is dedicated to all those little ones who tend to despise others with a certain arrogance.

Smug and flirtatious was Miss Pink Shirt. And, for worse, some flowers adorned it, with what fueled his pride. She didn't want any other garments to rub against her or stick to her, as she couldn't bear to have wrinkles. She felt Carla's favorite and she liked to show off about it. Inside the closet it was a real torment.

Miss Pink Shirt liked to despise Mr. Green Jersey for his rough and fat appearance. He laughed at the Plaid Shirt lady for being old-fashioned. Mr. Gray Tracksuit irritated him for always ending up with mud stains. And the poor old Mr. Yellow Pajamas was saddened by saying that he would never see the street, that his place would always be between the sheets.

But what Miss Pink Shirt didn't know is that Mr. Green Jersey knew snow, Mrs. Plaid Shirt would always be with Carla because she was her mother's favorite, Mr. Gray Tracksuit knew how to ride a bicycle and the old Yellow Pajamas lived great adventures with the little girl in her dreams. So they were happy and they decided to ignore the comments of Miss Pink Shirt.

Over time, Miss Pink T-shirt began to pale. So many puttings and washes were killing her color In addition, a small fluff was beginning to grow in his sleeves that would eventually turn into pellets. Horrorrrrrr! This is how the always cheerful Miss Pink Shirt ended her sad days at the bottom of a drawer.

The rest of the clothes stopped hearing his scorn, now it was the sound of crying that flooded the closet. As the rest were good clothes, they wanted to cheer on Miss Pink Shirt. They reminded him of all the good times he had spent with Carla and the number of photographs in which she was the protagonist. They taught him to keep the good things and to ignore the bad. This is how Miss Pink T-Shirt discovered that no one should be despised and that all clothing is important and has its function. Harmony and peace, since then, reigned in Carla's closet.

We propose a 'true or false' activity for your child to practice his reading comprehensionto. They are simple questions based on the story you have just read. If you do not know how to answer any of them, you can reread the story with a little more calm and attention.

1. Miss Red Shirt was the most humble garment in Carla's closet.

2. He was always looking down on and humiliating other wardrobe mates.

3. The rest of the clothes were very angry with Miss Red T-shirt for her comments.

4. As time went by, Miss Red Shirt began to lose its bright and intense color.

5. The rest of the clothes decided not to support her, because she had been very bad with them.

6. Miss Red Shirt learned her lesson: you cannot look down on others.

This story can be a good excuse to talk with your child about values ​​such as pride and humility. In We have compiled other short stories that contain very important lessons for your children. Do not miss it!

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