Foods that Babies Under One Year Old Should Avoid Eating

Foods that Babies Under One Year Old Should Avoid Eating

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Than foods should avoid taking babies under one year? Are there any prohibited foods when the introduction of solids begins? If your baby has already reached six months of age and you are at the time of starting the supplementary feeding, Here we give you a series of recommendations for your baby, based on foods that are not advisable even at that age, and the reasons why they should be omitted from his diet whenever possible.

The most basic limiting recommendations at the beginning of complementary feeding (once the baby reaches 6 months of age) are due to the probability of some foods to negatively influence the health of the little one.

Aside from possible allergies, that deserve a separate chapter, it is always necessary to maintain strict control over certain foods / additives when food or dishes other than breast milk or formula are offered to the baby.

- Be careful with the salt
One of the recommendations with which we are most familiar is that of salt. The kidneys of the baby are not sufficiently developed to cope with more salt than the food contains by themselves, which can cause serious damage to the renal system if salt is added to the meals that the little one consumes.

- Control sugar consumption
Sugar, for its part, is completely unnecessary. The baby already consumes simple sugars in his diet, such as those from fruit, and the amount of simple sugars should not, according to the World Health Organization, exceed 5% in the infant's diet.

- Dairy products
It is recommended to maintain breastfeeding for at least 2 years, but from 12 months, babies can consume derivatives of cow's milk, such as cheese or yogurt, although they should not substitute formula or breast milk for cow's milk at this age.

These products should be whole, not skimmed or semi-skimmed, since the baby still benefits from the fat and the calories they contribute for its growth and development (low-fat dairy should not be introduced in the baby's diet until after 2 years). Additionally, it should not be forgotten that, at least until 12 months, milk should be the baby's main food, being its main source of nutrients and energy.

- Low fat foods
In a similar way, and since fat provides fat-soluble vitamins and some minerals that are difficult to provide otherwise, it is not convenient to introduce foods known as “0%” or “low-fat” into the baby's diet, replacing the original ones. although it is necessary to control the type of fat that is offered in your diet, avoiding as much as possible an excess of saturated and hydrogenated fats (or trans fats).

- Food size
The issue of choking can affect the use of some foods in their original form, such as grapes, cherries, cherry tomatoes or sausages, since their size is ideal to block the baby's pathways. However, these foods can be cut into smaller pieces (halves or quarters) to make them safer and prevent them from becoming trapped in the airways, thus being able to offer them to the baby with confidence.

- Swiss chard and spinach
Green leafy vegetables are characterized by their high content of nitrates, which is why parents are always advised from pediatric consultations to delay the consumption of chard and spinach until the child is one year old or to do so in small quantities.

- Honey
The benefits of honey for children are well known, but since recently cases of bolutism have been observed in children under 12 months of age, it is advisable not to offer this food to the little ones until they are not one year old. The reason? Honey is not bad by itself, but it can present a bacteria that causes a neurological disorder that in the worst case can cause the death of the child.

In general, and except for express individual recommendations, a healthy child can eat everything - and in the same format as an adult would - from 2 years of age.

The way in which food is offered, however, is something that, as parents, we can decide, as well as the food and its cooking, always trying to make sure that the diet is healthy and balanced.

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