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What to do about choking in babies

What to do about choking in babies

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Babies have a habit of putting everything in their mouth, that is their way of feeling the world, so it is not strange that they occur choking on coins or toys.

Still, most cases are caused by choking on food such as nuts or candies, and even with foods that make up the daily menu of babies, such as pieces of fruits or vegetables that have not been completely dissolved in the baby food.

This is a very worrying fact, since 90% of deaths from foreign body aspiration occur in children under 5 years of age. Of which 65% of victims are infants.

Therefore, knowing what to do before a choking in babies is vital to be able to save a child's life at a certain time.

At the time of act on choking in babies, It is important to know that this maneuver is not practiced in the same way in babies as in children.

In this case I will show you how to do the Heimlich maneuver in infants under one year.

A - If there is one mild obstruction, there will be what we call an effective cough, that is, the baby will cough to remove the object from his mouth but will be able to breathe and take in air. In this case we must encourage him to cough and not hit him on the back.

B - If there is one severe obstruction, the baby will have a ineffective coughThat is, you will not be able to take in air after coughing. In that case, we must act quickly and ask someone to call the emergency services, while we begin the maneuver.

- If the baby is conscious, we will place the baby on our forearm, face down. We will hold the baby's mouth with our fingers, opening it, and we will proceed to give 5 dry hits or firm slaps between the scapulae. We must try to get the object out of the baby's mouth.

- If the blows have not been effective, we will place the child on our forearm face up, and we will place two or three fingers on the imaginary midline of the chest, between the two nipples, and we will apply 5 compressions thoracic.

- We will continue the series until they occur 2 situations: that the object that obstructed the airway is expelled, or on the contrary, the baby loses consciousness.

- When the baby remains unconscious, we will proceed to perform CPR, while the emergency services.

An advice that is very important to follow, although we know that it is very complicated, is keep calm at all times and a cool head, to be able to act with determination at the right time.

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