Games to work on emotions and spend a perfect day with the family

Games to work on emotions and spend a perfect day with the family

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It is always a good time to share quality time with our family; no need to wait for the weekend or vacation to sit down and share. That is why today I make a proposal: spend a perfect day with your family while strengthening the bond between parents and children. Try these fun games to work emotions with the kids!

In addition to being great entertainment, these activities will enrich you on a personal level, strengthen your children's self-esteem, allow you to get to know each other better and strengthen the family nucleus. I hope you enjoy them!

Here are some activities that will make you spend a day of 10 with your family.

1. The game of emotions

First of all, I propose to you grab a jar or a box and place a piece of paper inside where we write a positive emotion or emotional state: joy, sharing, laughing, letting go, flow, happiness, enthusiasm, illusion, etc. How many more emotions the better!

You just have to take one of these small papers and carry out an action related to the emotion that has come out of you. For example, if you've taken on the role of 'love' ... why don't you give each member of your family a big hug?

This game will help you talk about your emotions, but it is also a very interesting resource for solving day-to-day problems at home. By taking one of these roles and sharing the emotion with the person in the conflict, you will be able to return to the ideal emotional state. Something simple, to manage conflicts in a positive way.

2. Play the sandwich technique

As a second suggestion, we propose you learn to give feedback in the family environment. To do this, when we want to say something that is not too positive to our [email protected] or partner, we will do it in the following way: first, we will say some virtue or positive quality that the person has, then we will say what we want to say no It is so positive, and finally, we will return to tell you something that reinforces it in a positive way. This is known as the Sandwich Technique (positive-negative-positive).

For example: I love it when you speak calmly, you usually do it very well because it transmits confidence, however, when you start yelling, I don't understand you and you annoy the people who are close to you, although I know that you can improve this because I trust you.

What do you think? ... This can replace the typical 'Don't yell at me!'. Teach your family the technique and start practicing it today.

3. The connection game

I propose a game that will help you feel a little closer to the rest of your family.

Take a few minutes to be more aware of you, teach your children to look into each other's eyes for 1 minute, remain in silence holding hands and while you look at each other, hold a hug for 30 seconds ... You will be able to create a magical family moment!

I recommend that you try this game once a week and each time it is a family member who decides what they would like to do and how to carry it out. It will be that time in the week when you will become aware of the present moment and the energy of each member of your family.

4. And at night ...

If you want to spend a perfect day with your family, you can not miss a craft. Therefore, as a third activity, we can make a panel with several post-its or sticky notes that contains different things to do. For example: give a hug, give a kiss, tell a joke, read a story, tell a story from when you were little, practice meditation, give a massage ...

We will have this panel in our children's bedroom. When we go to sleep, he will play on the panel, what he decides he wants for that night, as a good night. In this way, we break the habit of the typical story and we let ourselves be surprised so you decide each night.

I hope you enjoy them, put them into practice and above all, that you expand these ideas with others that may arise, naturally while you carry them out.

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