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Super decoration pennants for children's parties of superheroes

Super decoration pennants for children's parties of superheroes

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Decoration plays a very important role in theme parties. It is the icing on the cake that you can never miss! If you love them at home children's superhero parties (we understand you perfectly) you have to learn to do these super decoration pennants so flashy and fun. They are the festive touch you need to turn your house into the home of superheroes!

Suggest this craft as a family And, in addition to having an amazing birthday party, you will help children to develop fine motor skills. Teamwork is also encouraged by collaborating with the maximum number of family members and / or friends. And you will share a very pleasant time with your loved ones! To make a garland of banners with the onomatopoeias that superheroes emit when they fight against the forces of evil, we need these materials. Also, don't forget to bring a lot of desire and imagination!


  • red, yellow, blue and black card stock
  • pencil and ruler
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • black satin ribbon
  • stapler
  • glue stick

Ready, Set, Go. We started!

1. Start cutting a rectangle out of red card stock 21 cm long by 15 cm wide. Place it vertically and draw a horizontal line at the top leaving a 5 cm margin at the top. Next draw a triangle as we show you in the photo.

2. Doesn't look much like a pennant yet, does it? For that you have totrim the sides following the lines you just drew. Do it carefully so you don't cut yourself, but you don't have to worry if it doesn't fit completely exactly. If each pennant is different, you will give a homemade touch and more fun to your garland.

3. To continue with this craft, draw a star-shaped figure on red card. Don't worry if it looks a bit uneven, in fact it's better! If you think about it, comic book star balloons aren't usually 5-pointed stars with all sides the same.

Try to make it more or less the same size as the palm of your hand. Go over it with a black marker and cut it out.

4. How are you doing? Now you have to draw a cloud shape on the yellow card. This has to be a little smaller than the star you just cut out. Make sure its size does not exceed that of this figure! Go over it with a black marker, cut it out and stick the cloud over the star. It's looking great!

5. Now draw the letters of a superhero onomatopoeia on blue card taking into account the size of the sign you just made. We have chosen POW! But you might like something like SPLASH !, CRAF! or any other onomatopoeia you can think of.

Go over the letters with black marker, cut them out and stick them in the center of the sign. Use a glue stick to do this, taking care that it does not come off the sides so that all of the sticky pennant does not remain.

6. The next step is very simple, it consists of stick the sign on the pennant that you did at the beginning. Take the red triangle that you cut out in the first step and, with a little glue stick, glue the star with your onomatopoeia. Which superhero do these colors remind you of?

7. To make this pennant, we were inspired by ... The superhero in the red cape! His superpower is to fly suuuuuper high and have suuuuuper strength. But, you can also invite many other superheroes to your house. In fact, the more superheroes you are, the better.

At this point, you must decide if you want your garland to be of a single superhero (in this case you must make all the flags the same, that is, repeat the previous steps as many times as you want to have flags) or make it of various superheroes. It all depends on how you have decided to plan the children's party: is it dedicated to a single superhero or are the protagonists superheroes of your invention?

If you want your garland to be even more original, we suggest you include flags of other superheroes. This way it will be much more colorful and beautiful. We suggest two different models, although you can create your own ideas by taking cards of different colors, using various onomatopoeias, etc.

- Pennant of the night superhero
In this case, we have made the same triangular pennant, but this time in black, the favorite color of the superhero of the night. Next, we have drawn and cut out a yellow cloud in which we have written BOOM! (because explosions are never lacking in superhero adventures). Then we have glued everything to the flag ... and voila!

- Spider superhero banner
The spider superhero was also invited to our birthday party, so we made a banner in his honor. The initial triangle must be repeated once more, but with red cardboard; we have cut out a black star, a slightly smaller red cloud and ... PLAF !. You have to paste everything ... and voila. Add a creepy spider web with the black marker.

The number of flags you need depends on how long your garland needs to be. The longer it is, the more flags you need.

8. To finish making this original and colorful superhero flag garland, you just have to flip them over and place them online. You need to fold the top edge of each pennant (the one that sticks out of the triangle) in half. Through the middle of the fold, insert a piece of black satin ribbon as long as the space you want to cover with the banners. Use the stapler to fasten it.

The end result is a unique and very striking garland for your Superhero party! And remember, the difference between a BIG theme party and a mediocre kids' party is the decorations you have. Make these super superhero pennants ... and you will succeed!

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