The island of the murmur. Animal sounds poem for children

The island of the murmur. Animal sounds poem for children

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Once again, we turn to nursery rhymes for children to learn about the world around them. On this occasion, we propose the poem "The island of murmur" that will teach your children or students what they are called The sounds of the animals. To make it even more fun, we suggest that after each verse you take a short pause to make the noise of each of the animals (Miau, Pío, Beee ...).

Also, after the poem you will find other educational resources very appropriate to continue working on acquiring knowledge about animals.

On the island of the Whisper

courtesy reigns,

forest animals

The owls howl,

the frogs croak

and the ducks squawk.

The dogs bark,

the parrots speak,

balance the sheep

and the bulls snort.

and the hyenas laugh,

sweep elephants

and the whales sing.

The horses neigh,

insects buzz,

and the pigs growl.

The donkey brays

and the lion roars,

and if they speak at the same time

Children are fascinated by animals and they always want to know more and more about them. That is why they love all activities that involve animals. And the wilder the better! Therefore, we have made a small compilation with other very entertaining educational resources that will catch your child's attention.

- Animal tales
Fables and children's stories are a good tool for children to discover new species of animals, but also for them to learn other very valuable lessons. In these stories that we have compiled, you will find stories that speak of values ​​that we must transmit to children such as generosity or kindness.

- Drawings of animals
Coloring has many benefits for children: it improves their ability to concentrate, helps combat stress, stimulates their creativity ... And if they color dolphins, whales or cows, children will have a great time. Therefore, in this selection of the best activities for children to learn more about animals, we also propose some very cute drawings.

- Plasticine animal dolls
Playing with play dough or putty allows children to improve their manual dexterity. But, in addition, it is a great activity for the most restless children, since it will allow them to relax while practicing their ability to concentrate. To reinforce the learning started with the poem about the sounds of animals, you can encourage him to create different animals out of clay while you remember the sound that each one makes.

- Animal origami
If your child is older, or if you are good at origami, you will enjoy creating these Origami animals. We have everything: birds, ducks, butterflies, cobras, frogs, penguins ... Which one do you like the most? While you do, you can play 'animal language' and meanwhile you can only speak with the onomatopoeia of the animal that you have chosen at the time. It's a tough challenge ... but a lot of fun!

- Animal songs
And we couldn't forget the animal songs ... A classic! Surely it sounds to you: "An elephant, balanced, on the web of a spider ..." or "I have a dairy cow, it is not just any cow ..." or "The chicks say, peep, peep, peep" . Don't miss out on all the popular songs we've compiled in Guiainfantil.com. They all talk about animals.

- Animal jokes
A mouse says to a rat: 'What are you doing?' She replies: 'I'm waiting a little while.' Jokes like this that are so funny for children will allow you to spend some time laughing together. It will be unforgettable!

- More animal poems
And, finally, we suggest that you enjoy many more poems that have animals as protagonists. They are short poems that children can memorize and later recite from memory in front of their friends or family. To further motivate the child and get their attention, you can make up a simple melody to accompany the verses, or you can draw the story that the poetry tells.

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